Our Story

Before starting RCC, Matthew spent 10 years designing bathrooms for a local company where he  was made redundant in early 2013.  Following redundancy he sold his house, and moved to a caravan to save money, with the hope of starting his own business pursuing one of his passions, restoration.  With a few hundred pounds saved up, Matthew went to a local auction to buy his first lot of antique tools and furniture, from which a business was born. 

Before furniture

Every weekend following that first one, was spent at auction, buying antique tools and furniture to then restore and sell on.  A successful business was born from his caravan, and following a house move later on, his garage.  As the business grew, he moved to his first premesis on Mowbry Street in Sheffield.  It might have had a leaking roof, been up two flights of stairs (not easy for furniture moving!) and dodgy electrics, but it was a start


Keen to expand and create his own brand, Matthew wanted to be able to make his own furniture.  That spring, he went to Aldi and bought his first welder for £16 and decided to teach himself how to weld.  Having never lifted a welder before, he spent hours watching youtube videos and practising relentlessly, with only a few (hundred) minor burns in the process!

The first table 

In summer 2013, Matthew decided to put his new-found skills to the test and build his first ever table.  He created the standard square frame base, which is still available now and the most popular design in the range.  Since that first table, Matthew and RCC have gone on to produce over 100,000 tables, and the original one is still sat in his dining room at home

From that first dining table 4 years ago, RCC was born and has grown rapidly ever since.  Matthew has taken the company on such an expansion journey that they have had to move workshops 5 times in the last 3 years to accommodate their growth, now residing in a 10,000 sq foot warehouse in Sheffield employing over 25 full time members of staff.

Growing up


The journey for RCC goes on as Matthew continues to develop and create new ideas for his furniture and business, pushing boundaries and following exciting new ventures.  RCC’s client portfolio includes a number of high profile household names, and large businesses across the country.  Due to popular demand, RCC now ships across Europe.

**Made to order items are now for delivery in 2020**   


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