Furniture Care

All of our products are made from mild steel as standard. The standard finish of the steel is unfinished which gives it a raw appearance. In this state the furniture is to be only be used indoors. We suggest cleaning the steel with WD-40 once every 3-6 months, this is will also stop any rust spots appearing.


Please make sure not mop around the base frames as water will sit under the steel and cause rusting which can cause damage to flooring. Make sure any split drinks are also cleaned away appropriately.


The items are of an industrial nature we suggest they are checked for any oil or dirt and given a quick clean before placed in situ or entering the home.

For outdoor applications, the steel must be powder coated to stop rusting and make weatherproof.

Reclaimed Timber

Majority of our timber is a mix of reclaimed or repurposed European softwoods. The tops may have ridges and will not be 100% level as this is part of the look and nature. The timber we use does have a higher than normal moisture content so we suggest the items are not placed near direct sunlight or any direct heat sources for the first couple of weeks. The timber will need to acclimatise to its new environment. For outdoor furniture we suggest covering the items in the winter months to protect from the elements.


We suggest the timber to be re-oiled every 3-6 months using Linseed oiled. Clean with warm water and do not use harsh cleaning products as this will cause staining.


Wax, Dark oak, grey wash, and whitewash all have a natural wax coating as a final finish to protect the wood. With any wax finish do not place hot or damp items directly to the wood surface as they may cause marking. We suggest using coasters and place mats at all times. Clean with soapy water and do not use harsh cleaning products as this will cause staining. We suggest re-waxing as often as possible when you first receive your order to build a good protective barrier and then every 3-6 months. Make sure to buff to a sheen.

Oak & other hard woods:
All Hard woods such as oak should be cleaned with soapy water and do not use harsh cleaning products as this will cause staining. Re-apply your chosen finish as stated above. For hardwoods we suggest Danish oil instead of linseed oil.


We use toughed safety glass. Clean with a standard household glass cleaner. Never use harsh or abrasive applications as this may cause scratches.

Any other surfaces please contact us.

**Made to order items are now for delivery in 2020**   


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