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Lead time update: 1/5/2021

We are currently experiencing an approx. delay on all orders of around 3-4 weeks on top of stated lead times. Unfortunately this due to the current national and global climate caused by COVID and Brexit combined. It means alot of the materials (steel, timber & powder coating) we use are delayed which is causing the extension on lead times. Please rest assured we make every effort to get orders to customer as qucikly as possible during these difficult times. 


We thank you for your understanding and patience. 

COVID-19 Update 1/11/2021

With the new national lockdown starting in the coming days we would like to reassure all our customers that we will remain open and will carry on manufacturing throughout lockdown . Deliveries may change slightly to a front door delivery but all delivery staff will adhere to strict hygiene measures and we will confirm when booking your delivery. Thank you 


COVID-19 Update 

During April we closed for a 2-week period to ensure our staff had the best chance of self-isolation before retuning back to work. It also gave us the chance to implement new procedures to keep our reduced workforce safe in the workplace.

Due to this 2 weeks shutdown we are still caring a small delay on all orders and have updated all customers.


We are taking orders as normal and now working at full capacity with a full worforce to reduce the current delay. This will not affect your ability to order online.


To ensure we keep our staff, customers and the wider community safe in uncertain times we have instituted the following to help combat the spread of Covid-19:


  • All workshop staff are strictly adhering to a clean hands policy and face coverings.

  • Elevating our highly robust hygiene practices - paying extra attention to all touched surfaces, hand washing and sanitising.

  • We are advising a delay between 2-4 weeks for all orders due to the current situation.

  • Powder coated items are being effected with a delay of 4-6 weeks 


Thank you for reading this message, our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. We hope all our customers understand.

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