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We know that every customers space will be different, and that's why we pride ourselves on being able to make any of our items to any size with in reason.  With over 500 different designs as standard which all can be tailored to suit your needs. 


We don't just stop there, if you can’t see a standard design in the shop, have seen a design elsewhere, or even have your own design; don't worry. Just send over your specifications for a qoute.  You can also mix and match different table tops to different bases so you can 


For pricing on bespoke sizes just get in touch.



  • Our repurposed softwood timber is sourced from the UK and Europe

  • This type of timber us used maninly in the construction industry, we have our timber treated, kiln dried and moisteure tested to below 15% .

  • Standard thickness is 60mm for table tops up to 240cm and 40mm up to a max length of 390cm 

  • On other furniture pieces we do mix the two depending on the item. 

  • Finished in natural products to give a genuine rustic appearance.

  • The planked table tops will have marks, cracks, gaps and signs of use from its former life. They may also change shape, cracks open and move during different months which we call seasonal movement. They are NOT intended to be perfectly flat or smooth. Plates and glasses may wobble, this is all part of the character charm.  

  • Thickness's of timber will vary slightly due to working tolerance’s 

Bespoke reclaimed industrial dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards and side tables in Sheffield, London, UK


  • Oak block tops are small sections of oak finger jointed and glued

  • This provides a super flat and smooth hard wearing surface.

  • Thickness of 40mm standard.

  • Gives a modern appearance 

  • 5 wood colour options

  • Thickness's of timber will vary slightly due to working tolerance’s 


  • Full stave oak tops are full length sections of solid oak, glued and pressed to give the impression of a solid one piece top.

  • We two different thickness's, standard & Chunky  

  • The highest quality and perfectly smooth 

  • ​5 wood colour options 

  • We can offer other timbers like walnut, ash etc so please get in touch if you need any more info.

  • Thickness's of timber will vary slightly due to working tolerance’s 


  • Live edge tops are full sections of a tree which have been sliced to the desired size and have a live edge on both sides. 

  • Normally made from oak but other types are available on request

  • we can offer river design with glass or resin 

  • email us for pricing and info 

  • Thickness's of timber will vary slightly due to working tolerance’s 


  • We don't only use timber for our tops, we can offer a whole range a materials for tops and surfaces.

  • Concrete, Glass, Parquet, Cold rolled steel, Stainless steel, Galvanized steel, Copper, Vinyl Ply, OSB, Acrylic, Perspex

  • Thickness's of timber will vary slightly due to working tolerance’s 


  • Most of our work uses some type of steel fabrication. We use a forged mild steel which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, in a dark grey pewter colour as standard.

  • We clean the steel with a special decreasing agent which leaves a natural authentic appearance.

  • For indoor use only

  • Don’t forget we can also offer wooden bases if you prefer 

  • We offer a full powder coating service which is primarily for when an item will be kept outdoors or if you wish to change the colour of the steel.

  • Any steel item can be powder coated in any RAL colour, this is a chargable extra. We also offer special metallic finishes, Hybrid Chrome, Copper pearl, Hammered Copper etc

  • Powder coating can be added to your order here:

  • There are hundreds of colour which can all be seen below:


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