Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood
Carpenter Measuring Wood
Carpenter Cutting Wood
Man Wood Carving
Carpenter Cutting Wood
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Timber Logs
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Carpenter Craving in Wood
Wood Work
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The UK & Europe's leading hand made bespoke industrial furniture manufacture

metal rods
Metal Forming
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Industrial Tools
Wrenches and Pliers
Made to any size
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About us

Before starting RCC, Matthew spent 10 years designing bathrooms for a local company where he  was made redundant in early 2013.  Following redundancy he sold his house, and moved to a caravan to save money, with the hope of starting his own business pursuing one of his passions, restoration.  With a few hundred pounds saved up, Matthew went to a local auction to buy his first lot of antique tools and furniture, from which a business was born

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